2020 cover
Democrat Jesus runs for President to stop war between Muslims and Christians! Get your copy of the new hit of the 2016 presidential campaign season today! "You will love it and be empowered by it!" says one Goodreads reader.
Yes, that’s right, Timothy Cooper’s new novel, “2020 or My Name is Jesus Christ and I’m Running for President” is a celestial comedy about the return of Christ to Earth. It paints a hilariously envisioned America caught up in the highest form of adult entertainment—U.S. presidential politics! But this time round, the two candidates heading their party tickets are not your usual party suspects, but rather the hugely popular Jesus and his equally magnanimous stepbrother Beelzebub! And you thought American politics was divisive before? You ain't seen nothin' yet!
So the race is on! Across Iowa, New Hampshire, and the rest of America. Then onto the Democratic and Republican Conventions, which are guaranteed to be unlike any political conventions you’ve ever seen…
Who will win? Well, God only knows.