Monday, October 12, 2015

A TWO-MINUTE PITCH FOR The Case Of The Unfamiliar Husband by E.J. Cooperman

Ok, OK. I'm a busy Mogul. 
Gimme the Straight Pitch.  
Well, it’s the second in a series, so the characters and relationships are fairly established. A second book is about expanding and reinforcing what came in the first. So with Ms. Washburn having left Questions Answered at the end of the first book, the idea was to find a way to bring her back. Samuel needed a question to answer that didn’t play into his expertise but would be in line with Janet’s. So he gets a question about marriage and he seeks her out. We get the impression he’s been looking for an excuse.

·  My fifth wife had a question about marriage but it was 
"How Much Can I Get? " 
OK, sell me the teaser.
“Who’s that man in my bed who says he’s my husband?”

Wow. I had that happen to me in Reno just last week.
But enough about me. 
Who is your hero and how does he change in the book?
Samuel Hoenig is a man in his 30s who happens to have Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder classified on the autism spectrum. He considers it to be part of his personality and not a disability and treats it as such. Others might disagree. How does he change? Read the damn book and find out.

·  Read it? Are you kidding?
 I'll wait for the Classic Comics edition
   Why did you pick this title?
The publisher wanted all the books in the series to begin with “The Question of...” so the plot sort of dictated the title.

·      What’s the logline?
A man with Asperger’s is asked by a woman to find out who the man claiming to be her husband might be. When the man is discovered murdered in Samuel’s office, he takes that personally and strives to solve the murder.

·      OK, let’s cut to the chase. 
Why should I, 
the Incredibly Rich and Handsome Movie Mogul, 
buy this book?

There isn’t an actor on Earth who doesn’t want to play Samuel (even if they don’t know it yet) and besides, Asperger’s has touched so many lives by now that there’s a built-in audience.


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