Monday, September 26, 2016

2 Minute Book Pitch for "33" by Jules Smith

WOWSER! Who is this gorgeous women in my office? 

Wowser already left for the day/ 
This is Chauncey. 
Should I call your wife 
and let her know
you have a visitor?

Chaucey! You do that and you'll be eating 
Ramen noodles for the rest of your
 short time in the book biz.

Young lady, that's an engaging hat 
but do you think you could lower it 
and let me know why you're here? 
I mean, besides the obvious, of course. 
(points to well-worn casting couch.) 

(Jules Smith laughs derisively.)
Can't blame an old man for trying.
OK, I suppose you have a book that's 
going to set the world on fire. 

I have an odd penchant for photographing doors from around the world. I don’t know why, but I find doors fascinating; particularly timeworn, weathered doors that have stood firm against the years and been passed through by many.

Some doors stay barricaded; some are always open; some hang on their hinges bearing the tattered scars of life. Doors have stories and so do people.  I felt it was time to unveil the untold stories behind the doors.

Doors? That's not all that odd.
Why, my neighbor up on  Laurel Canyon 
collects photographs of...
Your testimony  at his trial
said you knew nothing of 
his little "hobby" with all those 
telephoto lenses!
Oh yes, 
Let's get back to doors, 
What’s the teaser pitch
for this book?  

Think Tales of The Unexpected.  Beautiful twists; the kind that play in people's minds’ and get them to act in unconventional ways because their emotions overpower their logic and reason.  There is nothing quite as fascinating and disturbing as human behavior.

That always sells...
Who is your protagonist?

I have many protagonists because this is a book of short stories.  Each one a hero in their own right. Every character in this book will touch something inside you; resonate with emotion and most definitely poke at your vulnerability.  Push buttons?  But, of course… 

Push Buttons? 
Doorbell Buttons? 
Wait, I can see it!
"Death of a Door to  Door Salesman!"
OK , OK.
No reason to get snippy.
What's your title and why?

I chose 33 as the title for the following reasons:

There are 33 stories.
I wanted a number that worked like a door number on my cover which is a photograph of one of my many door pictures.
A number conjures up a slight sense of darkness, unease, and ambiguity much like the emotions unveiled in my stories.

I  like the ambiguity. 
Then I can sell it to anyone.
What’s the logline?

‘Behind Every Door Lies An Untold Story’

Aint that the truth…

OK, here's the Big Question.
Why should I,  the rich, handsome, 
Book Mogul buy your book 
especially since you haven't  even
lowered your hat so I can see you? 

Because you’re a discerning reader.  Because you adore an Amuse-Bouche with a kick to wake your weary mind.  Because you want to be left thinking and slightly unsettled.

Chauncey. Cut this woman a blank check
We've got our next Big One!
What's that name again?

Friday, August 12, 2016

2-Minute Pitch for Heavy-Duty People by Iain Parke

(No, sir. That gentleman is your 2 o'clock  appointment.  
Can I  take your vest, sir? )
Hell no! Them's my colors and I never take 'em off--even in bed. 
(Really sir? They're quite, um, fragrant. 
Are you getting much lately?)
As if that's any of your business, you poof!
(Oh, how quaint!  Would you like tea? )
Of course. Do you think I'm a bloody barbarian?
(Oh, sir. He's written more books than you ever will. 
Would you like milk or lemon?)
Milk and  Cocaine.  After all, this is Los Angeles, right? 
(Well yes but this is a book agency. 
I'm afraid all the expensive drugs 
are in the movie studios. 
I could put some aspirin in?)
Hell, no!
(OK, I'll just go off and get that. 
Sir, here's a Xanax. 
Now just climb down from the curtains, 
sit in your nice big chair 
and take the nice man's pitch. )

Um. Well, OK, Mr. uh... Parke. Sell me on this book. So what brought your write... Heavy-Ass People? 

That's Heavy-Duty People. I’ve always been fascinated by the images and realities of the outlaw biker scene and irritated by the way bikers have been caricatured in films and TV. Whatever you think about outlaw bikers and the clubs, there’s no denying it’s a serious lifestyle, taken very seriously by those in the life, and back when I started it seemed odd that no one seemed to be writing about it in a way which treated it seriously. So I decided I wanted to explore what might it might be like to become involved, what would motivate someone to join, what choices it might lead them to make, what would it mean for them as a person. And that’s how I met Damage.  

Damage? What a...."delightful" name. He's not with you, is he? 
Nah, he's still in Old Blighty. 

Oh, good. Now "Damage," Is that his first or last name? 
It's a description, really.

Oh-Kay. Well, what's your teaser pitch. that single line that get people in the door?
Get Carter’ on two wheels. Damage, a UK outlaw biker tells the story of his life and club business ‘how it is’.

Ok, so "Damage" is the umm... Protagonist. How does he change in the book?
It’s time to step up, to join the Brethren MC World…Damage is a mixed up kid who finds acceptance and a new family when, after intervening in a fight, he becomes accepted into a local gang of bike-riding tearaways. As he grows up, the bikers become a patched bike club which eventually ends up as a piece on the board in the high stakes game of biker politics
They get offered a choice by a senior club, "The Brethren MC’s local P Dazza" to patch over, or face the consequences. As these things tend to do, the gang starts to become gangsters and Damage's friends start to fall along the way.
 Damage has temptations to face and choices to make. What’s in it for him, who can he protect, and who could or should he stay loyal to? With brother killing brother and Dazza’s plans becoming clear, Damage decides where he stands and who he's willing to kill. 

Willing to kill? I am glad you left him at home or in jail or wherever he is. Why this title? 
Heavy Duty – HD – People. Intense, important and hard, stronger than usual and what’s needed to operate in extreme conditions.

Umm, "HD"?
Harley Davidson. 

Right. Right. Right. Of course. What was I thinking? Moving on,  what’s the logline?
Damage lives by his club and his brothers are his life – but what happens when brother starts killing brother?

Well, here in the Colonies, usually 20 to Life but I guess things are different on on Auld Sod. Why should I buy this book?
Ask Damage:
“The only reason for doing this is to tell people what I’ve learnt over the years. So keep it simple, don’t exaggerate it with the sort of crap that people always write about us.
I want it told straight, just the way I’ve told you.
People can either take it for what it is and like it, or they won’t, in which case they can fuck off.”
          Damage 2008
OOOOOOKAY. I'm sold. 
Carlos, fetch a blank check for my friend in the cute vest! And write up a contract with a special clause. "Damage" never gets to visit the office, got it!
(Got it, boss. Sheesh,
 I'm supposed to be 
the comedy wimp
 and you're taking all my lines. 
ut-shay u-pay! 
So, Mr. Parke, where will you be appearing? 
   You know, the usual places:  ManchesterCardiff Glasgow, ChesterNewcastle

Great. They all sound very far awayWhere can those of us in the States buy your book, or is it books? 
   Amazon, of course. 
and, of course on the classic Belles Lettres magazine, Duro Rider
duro Rider Magazine

Aritistry, Creativity & Performing Talents among bikers?  So that's a single issue, right?
Not hardly.

Well, thank you very much. It's been different.
Fuck you.
(Love to, Sir. Come back anytime!)

Friday, May 13, 2016

THE PURE AND THE HATED by Richard Godwin

A psychological crime novel about the past, the nature of justice, family secrets, the nature of forgiveness, revenge, identity, hunting and predation. Shepherd Butler, the protagonist and narrator of the novel, and his wife Mary are grieving the death of their son Felton to a hunting accident in Vermont, when Shepherd finds a stranger freezing in the forest he offers him a home.

The man, Maxwell Heed has suffered personal tragedy when his fiancée was murdered. He becomes part of the family and Shepherd’s nieces, Marigold and Joyce, and his sister Holly, instantly take to Maxwell, who is a sincere and religious man, seeking to understand the nature of forgiveness. The father of Shepherd’s nieces, Dwight Fisher, ran off years ago and Shepherd takes an active part in their lives. Maxwell feels like another family member. He tells Shepherd and Mary of the man who killed his fiancée, Temple Jones.
Temple Jones is a dangerous psychopath who preys on women. He has escaped justice. Maxwell fears he has followed him to Vermont. Shepherd tries to allay Maxwell’s fears. Maxwell disappears leaving a note saying he has seen Temple Jones. Then Temple Jones turns up.
His arrival brings tragedy into their lives, leaving Shepherd and Mary asking searching questions of themselves. He targets Shepherd’s family and Shepherd struggles to protect them. Temple knows too much about them, as if he has investigated their lives. When the police arrive Temple escapes, disappearing from the state. Then Shepherd reads of some crimes in New Hampshire, which he believes are the work of Temple.
He goes to look for him and for answers. And as Shepherd hunts for Maxwell he is in for a profoundly unsettling shock. It is a dénouement rich in revelation of the kind that asks deep questions about the identity of the protagonist. Using the natural beauty of Vermont as a backdrop to the action, the novel explores forgiveness and our understanding of one another. It explores family relations and the mind of a psychopath.
What others are saying about the book:
“Godwin writes intelligent noir from a unique psychological perspective, delving deep into the nobler motives and emotions of his engaging characters while examining the darkest corners of the human heart.  The faceless villain in this chiller is as real as a razor cut.  The Pure and The Hated is a story of love, generosity, betrayal, courage, evil, and hope.  All set against a beautifully-rendered backdrop of Vermont.  Before you sit down on a cool dark night to enjoy this one, make sure the doors and windows are locked.”–Phil Bowie,  author of the John Hardin suspense series
From the book:
“Marigold and Joyce lived in a farm house by the red barn that passing tourists used to photograph. They came to that part of Vermont for the skiing, they’d hit the slopes, fill the restaurants, and leave with their memories. I envy them now, I wish I could exchange my memories for those of another man. I have no vacations left inside me.”
“I am unmanned by events beyond my control and seek the feminine to prove myself again. I have become the castrated father of the tribe, my children are butchered, my possessions looted.”
“That is the purpose that hatred serves. But I will not yield to that poisoned Bible. There was a time before corruption. I seek to separate the past from the wounds he inflicted.”
“His deeds invaded us like a virus, replicating their own hatred inside us, taking away the things we once believed in. And while I can still see myself making love to Mary that day I can also smell the fresh grass and see the Columbine’s spurs and feel the ones that Temple Jones wore cutting into my sides, as if he was on my back without my knowing, all along, even then.”
Acclaim for Richard Godwin’s writing:richard-godwin-blog-picture
“A psychological look at the meaning of image, sense of self, and identity. With extraordinary writing, characterisation, and storytelling, Godwin is truly one of our great writers.” —Luca Veste author of Dead Gone.
“Richard Godwin knows how his characters dress, what they drink and what they drive. He knows how they live— and how they die. Here’s hoping no one recognized themselves in Godwin’s cold canvas. Combines the fun of a good story with the joy of witty, vivid writing.” —Heywood Gould, author of The Serial Killer’s Daughter.


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bryan Robinson Does a 2-Minute Pitch for LIMESTONE GUMPTION!

(on phone) 
Listen Scorsese, you cross me again and 
you'll can kiss your grandchildren goodbye! 
(slams down phone!)

Are you done with Joe Scorsese and Sons, Boss?

Yes, damn it! My Jacuzzi still doesn't bubble right 
and he'd going to get it to work or I'm not 
carpooling his grandkids any morel!!

Sure, sure. 
You have a Mr. Robinson waiting.

OK. Let him cool his heels out there
for ten minutes so he knows how busy I am...
Oh!  Hello you must be Mr. Robinson.
What can I do for you? 
Well, I have this book...
A bookie? 
No, a book. 
Crap, I thought you were my bookie with 
that trifecta payout from Santa Anita. 
All right, bright boy. dazzle me and
I'll make you a star. What's it called? 
Limestone Gumption
Well, That's one strike. 
Names like that went out  with the Beverly Hillbillies
Nevermind, how did you come up with the idea?
For many years, I had a vacation home in north central Florida on the Suwannee River. Divers come from all over the world to explore the primeval underwater caves, some of which are as tall as ten-story buildings, wide as three football fields carved for thousands of years by the Suwannee rushing through limestone that yields to the Suwannee’s force. At night, river dwellers sit around campfires on the river’s sandy shores telling stories of lost divers drowning in the twisted, turning under water caves that stretch miles beneath the earth; cavers running out of air and knifing their partner to steal a last breath from his tanks. Tales of corpses wrapped in tangled guidelines, entombed like mummies with their arms tightly pinned against their stiff bodies. Stories of bodies so bloated that rescue teams have to pry them out of narrow passageways. Listening to these tales around a campfire, shadows dancing like ghosts against the white sand, I remember thinking, “I have to write about this.”

Hummm. Interesting. 
We could fake it all at Weeki Wachee Springs.
Are there any mermaids?
Ah, no. 
We'll write some in later. Tell me your Teaser Pitch. 

When Dr. Brad  Pope returns to his boyhood hometown to settle a debt with his long lost father, the 35-year old psychologist becomes a prime murder suspect of accomplished cave diver, Jake Nunn. Pope’s hopes of proving his innocence and reconnecting with his cantankerous Grandma Gigi are hindered by the surprise and horror surrounding his father’s whereabouts and sinister secrets of the Women’s Preservation Club, founded by Grandma Gigi—whom Brad expects to jabber about preparing Sunday’s church bulletin or the next bake sale but starts to look more like a cold-blooded killer than a church lady. Reminiscent of The Help and Fried Green Tomatoes, the movie would be cast as follows:
Dr. Brad Pope: Ryan Gosling
Grandma Gigi: Lily Tomlin
Voodoo Sally: Octavia Spencer
Myrtle Badger: Beth Grant
Director: Del Shores

Wait a damn minute. 
I cast the movie and I see Gosling in the lead with Lily Tomlin. 
Damn, I'm a genius. 
Who is this hero? 
This Brad Porpoise or whatever and how does he change? 

Dr. Brad Pope morphs from a city boy to small town boy again as he embraces his roots. In doing so, he discovers his “limestone gumption”—his inner strength to overcome all obstacles, especially the family demons from his boyhood: discovering where his daddy is, developing a relationship with his Grandma, proving his innocence, figuring out what happened to his dead mother and sister and the role local medicine woman, Voodoo Sally, played in his family life when he was young.

 Voodoo is great box office hoodoo. 
I'm liking this. Why the title? 

Limestone Gumption is a metaphor for when Pope—after being accused of cutting the guideline of a popular local cave diver who drowns—must call upon his limestone gumption to deal with overwhelming obstacles. For centuries, the Suwannee River cut through limestone forming huge under water caverns. The limestone yields to the force of the river instead of resisting it. Through yielding, the limestone becomes a powerful feature of the river, a beautiful and smooth, well-polished cavern and the strength of its true character is revealed.

I'm telling you, Lily Tomlin in a wet-suit could be a problem 
Ah, we'll use digital CG. What's the Logline?

They say “You can’t go home again,” but when celebrity psychologist, Dr. Brad Pope, returns to Whitecross, Florida, he finds the banks of the Suwannee River brimming with mystery and murder—and he himself a suspect. Solving the crime uncovers a heady mix of family secrets and local corruption that ultimately prove a healing potion for Brad, a man who grieves his tortured childhood.

Tortured Childhoods are big right now.
 I think Barnes and Noble is opening a ]section for TC books.
OK, time for the rubber to hit the road. 
Why should I, the Rich and Handsome Book Mogul, but this book

Because it will keep you on the edge of your seat and just when you’re reaching for another piece of key lime pie, it'll slap you upside the head with the outrageous antics of Grandma Gigi and her Sisterfriends—Southern women who know how to take care of business—and you fall out of your seat laughing!

Oh, I love it. On the floor covered in key lime pie!
Yes, boss. 
Cut a check for a million simoleons 
and give this man one of those "special" contracts
You mean the ones signed in blood?
Yeah. This is going to be BIG! BIG! BIG!

                                       A BRAD POPE AND SISTERFRIENDS MYSTERY
Based on the novel by Bryan E. Robinson
Copyright 2014, Hardback; 2016 Trade Paperback

Buy at Amazon

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Books from Award-Winning Author Bryan Robinson AND a podcast with Alanis Morrissette!!!

Come hear more about my 2 new upcoming books: Don't Murder Yourself Before Finishing Your Mystery (for writers) and the second in the Brad Pope series, She'll Be KILLING Round the Mountain, set in Asheville, NC and my podcast with singer/songwriter, Alanis Morissette.

If you can't make it to the Friday March 4th launch at Malaprops Bookstore and Cafe in Asheville, I also will be at Fiction Addiction on Thursday March 10th; Park Road Books in Charlotte on Sat. March 19th; the Literary Bookpost in Salisbury on Friday April 1 (no fooling); Joe's Place in Greenville, SC on Sat. April 2; Union Avenue Books in Knoxville, TN on Thursday April 7th; Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville, NC on Sat. April 30th; ThrillerFest (International Thriller Writers) in New York City from July 5th to July 9th; Avid Parapalooza in Athens, GA on Sat. July 23rd; Killer Nashville in Nashville, TN August 18th-21st.
CHECK MY WEBSITE: for bookstore addresses and times.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Barry Lancet's Pacific Burn: 2-Minute Move Pitch

(So tell me all about it, you big hunk of author you) 
PACIFIC BURN (Simon & Schuster) is the third entry in the award-winning mystery-thriller series featuring art dealer and reluctant PI Jim Brodie. Someone is killing off the family of a famous artist, who happens to be a friend of Brodie’s. When Brodie steps in to help, he is set upon by the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security.  Then a yakuza associate who owes Brodie a favor tells him he’s a walking dead man—because a legendary assassin who even the Japanese mafia try to avoid just received a contract on him.  Worse, the killer has never failed in performing a commission.  As Brodie tries to unravel why he and his artist-friend are targets, he uncovers a connection to one of the biggest tragedies — and alleged cover-ups — In Japanese history, the nuclear disaster in Fukashima.
How can Brodie possibly survive?

Wheatley, you little scamp. 
I told you to stop talking to authors
 in the reception area!
You're fired! 

(You can't fire me . You haven't paid me for months.
Anyway, I'm your second son by your third ex-wife 
so it's either hire me or just hand me money.)

Did I actually name a kid Wheatley? 
Well, stop wasting time and get back to work.
And send that author fellow in. 
What's his name? 

(Barry Lancet)

OK, Lancelot. You've got two minutes. 
Give me a hard fastball and if it scores a touchdown, 
we'll run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.  

It's Lancet and I haven't heard anyone talk like that since Mad Men went off the air. 

What do they know? I stole it from Pogo. 

Now, How did you come up with the idea?

One of the opening scenes just came to me while I was waiting for a plane at Kennedy Airport after ThrillerFest.  That happens a lot, scenes hitting me at unusual times. Another thread was suggested by readers’ ongoing concern over the radiation leak from the nuclear plant meltdown in Japan—and the alleged cover-up. 

What’s the Teaser Pitch ? 
You know, what got you in to see me in the first place?
This is the third Jim Brodie novel, after JAPANTOWN and TOKYO KILL. The Fugitive meets The China Syndrome, with Brodie first playing the Tommy Lee Jones role as tracker and then finding himself running for his life like Harrison Ford.  Meanwhile, ominous information about the nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan reaches his ears. 

Who is this Brodie person and how does he change in the book?
Jim Brodie, of course. Brodie is a regular guy with talent and a fascinating yet complex background as a Japan expert/antiques dealer in San Francisco and a second-generation PI by default (he inherited half of his father’s thriving PI/security firm in Tokyo). 
He’s also a widower with a smart seven-year-old daughter named Jenny, who is energetic but also weary of losing her father too.  Brodie tries to balance his professional commitments in the U.S. and Japan, as well as his personal commitments to his daughter and friends.  These all collide when Brodie must face the startling realization that his friend’s family is being attacked and Brodie’s efforts to help them seem to lead to more tragedy. 

Wait a second, 
the Pacific is an ocean.
Wheatley! Can an Ocean burn ?
(How would you know? You never leave air conditioning.
I know a River in Cleveland burned. Why not an Ocean?)
Why this title?
The title PACIFIC BURN is a “triple play” on three plot threads.  Someone is out to “burn” a rich artist’s family; it is also a reference to the radiation leakage of the meltdown of Japan’s nuclear plant; and last, it is a nod to a legendary assassin’s determination to wipe Jim Brodie off the face of the earth.  

What’s the logline?
Japantown’s Jim Brodie may have met his match—a conspiracy of government and organized crime forces intent on maintaining a cover-up concerning one of the biggest disasters in Japanese history. 

Why should I buy it?
Because PACIFIC BURN comes with a money-back guarantee from Simon & Schuster.  
Okay, that’s not true, but check out the early reviews here from Nelson DeMIlle, Steve Berry, and Suspense Magazine. 

This is a very different kind of mystery-thriller series.  As an expat American living in Tokyo for more than two decades, I wanted to show people some of the exciting things I’m seeing in the Far East and some of the dangerous stuff.  The series attracted J. J. Abrams’s attention, so if you don’t trust me there’s always the guy who made an obscure little film this year . . .

Oh, yeah.  J.J. Abrams. 
Well, I know Steven Spielberg's 
empathy coach's personal trainer 
so you're not the only big deal in this office.  
Wheatley, cut this man a check for a cool million. 
(You haven't GOT a million of any temperature.
and my Mom wants her alimony.)
Use the third refinance 
on the fourth house.
It will be fine.