Monday, September 26, 2016

2 Minute Book Pitch for "33" by Jules Smith

WOWSER! Who is this gorgeous women in my office? 

Wowser already left for the day/ 
This is Chauncey. 
Should I call your wife 
and let her know
you have a visitor?

Chaucey! You do that and you'll be eating 
Ramen noodles for the rest of your
 short time in the book biz.

Young lady, that's an engaging hat 
but do you think you could lower it 
and let me know why you're here? 
I mean, besides the obvious, of course. 
(points to well-worn casting couch.) 

(Jules Smith laughs derisively.)
Can't blame an old man for trying.
OK, I suppose you have a book that's 
going to set the world on fire. 

I have an odd penchant for photographing doors from around the world. I don’t know why, but I find doors fascinating; particularly timeworn, weathered doors that have stood firm against the years and been passed through by many.

Some doors stay barricaded; some are always open; some hang on their hinges bearing the tattered scars of life. Doors have stories and so do people.  I felt it was time to unveil the untold stories behind the doors.

Doors? That's not all that odd.
Why, my neighbor up on  Laurel Canyon 
collects photographs of...
Your testimony  at his trial
said you knew nothing of 
his little "hobby" with all those 
telephoto lenses!
Oh yes, 
Let's get back to doors, 
What’s the teaser pitch
for this book?  

Think Tales of The Unexpected.  Beautiful twists; the kind that play in people's minds’ and get them to act in unconventional ways because their emotions overpower their logic and reason.  There is nothing quite as fascinating and disturbing as human behavior.

That always sells...
Who is your protagonist?

I have many protagonists because this is a book of short stories.  Each one a hero in their own right. Every character in this book will touch something inside you; resonate with emotion and most definitely poke at your vulnerability.  Push buttons?  But, of course… 

Push Buttons? 
Doorbell Buttons? 
Wait, I can see it!
"Death of a Door to  Door Salesman!"
OK , OK.
No reason to get snippy.
What's your title and why?

I chose 33 as the title for the following reasons:

There are 33 stories.
I wanted a number that worked like a door number on my cover which is a photograph of one of my many door pictures.
A number conjures up a slight sense of darkness, unease, and ambiguity much like the emotions unveiled in my stories.

I  like the ambiguity. 
Then I can sell it to anyone.
What’s the logline?

‘Behind Every Door Lies An Untold Story’

Aint that the truth…

OK, here's the Big Question.
Why should I,  the rich, handsome, 
Book Mogul buy your book 
especially since you haven't  even
lowered your hat so I can see you? 

Because you’re a discerning reader.  Because you adore an Amuse-Bouche with a kick to wake your weary mind.  Because you want to be left thinking and slightly unsettled.

Chauncey. Cut this woman a blank check
We've got our next Big One!
What's that name again?