5 Stars to The Kennedy Connection ( A Gil Malloy Novel)

Nothing's ever perfect but The Kennedy Connection comes pretty close. 

R. G. Belsky doesn't miss a trick: the conversations are right, the motives believable, the locations (mostly bars and newsrooms) accurate and filled with the right emotional associations  The answers are all in plain sight, there's no sudden fact leaping in to explain everything. The plot is tight and wound like a DNA strand  but more than anything it's the people. Belsky populates the book with real people who are scared and brave and evil and make mistakes. 

I'm serious. A lot of books do some of these things but damn few do them all. This is the best mystery novel I've read in years and deserves to win awards and ring up sales. It's 2AM and I've been locked inside a different world for hours. Oh yeah, and all this is without even mentioning the excellent JFK aspects.

Any mystery fan who misses this book is making a terrible mistake. One that they'll regret tomorrow and for the rest of their life. 

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