Review of Mark Lawrence's Prince of Fools

I love Mark Lawrence's books. Prince of Fools got a 4 Star only because it wasn't quite up the magnificent standard of Emperor of Thorns.

Prince of Fools is a delightful book. As usual, I listened to it while I fell asleep so it has a bit of a hallucinatory feel to it but I had sufficient insomnia to make sense of it all. The first thing you notice is that the lead character is about as different from Prince Jorg (?) in the Thorns Trilogy as anyone could be. This guy is a fop, a coward, and quite a bit of a fool. Just the ability to change voices like this is the mark of a damn good writer.

The plot is one of those long journeys where the lead character has a chance to grow up (a chance that the Prince refuses) and a multiplicity of adventures are found. Well, at least it rains most of the time.

There are zombies, wizards, witches with one eye and, what's best, in the end everything not only ties together within the confines of this single book but reaches back and ties to the previous Trilogy. The plot is deep and varied, the characters realistic. and the dialog never rings false. It's about as good as modern fantasy gets. I wholeheartedly recommend to all of the 3 people who take my reviews seriously.

The hell with it. I'm giving it a 5. 

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