Sean Lynch's "The Fourth Motive"

5.0 out of 5 stars Dynamic Duo Returns,

Sean Lynch has done it again. Every day of his 30 years of real life as a San Francisco detective shows through this relentless thriller. It's hard to keep a series going after a blazing start like "Wounded Prey" where retired detective Bob Farrell and his reluctant sidekick, Kevin Kearnes, chased a child murderer (who, if was only green, would have been a dead ringer for the Incredible Hulk) across half the country. Far too often, it seems that the local police are more interested in catching Farrell and Kearns than they are committed to stopping the monster who is leaving a horrific trail of dead children behind him.

Now, they are back in San Francisco, where a new homicidal nutball is terrorizing a beautiful Assistant D.A. (By the way, Lynch's deft backgrounding of his murderous madmen makes them quite real--and infinitely scarier.) From downtown San Francisco to the vineyards of Napa, the dynamic duo cut all the corners in their quest for answers. (My only question is where Kearns, who is out of work, gets his health insurance with the special 'the crap beaten out of' deductible).

The Fourth Motive moves like a freight train with excellent characters, motivations that make sense, an intimate knowledge of the glories and sins of real police forces, and intricate plotting. Yeah, don't start reading if you've got an early meeting in the morning.



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